Fall 2018 is packed full of anticipated video game releases. We’ve already seen “Destiny 2: Forsaken”, “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” and Playstation exclusive “Spider-man” drop in September and heavy hitters like “Black Ops 4”, “Red Dead Redemption 2” and “Fallout 76” are just weeks away. But please, hear my humble plea as I beg you not to miss out on the opportunity to play “Forza Horizon 4”.

Let’s cut to the chase; “Forza Horizon 4” (FH4) is the best open world racing game this console generation, Xbox One’s highest rated console exclusive, and above all else a game I can’t stop thinking about.

After delving into the often overlooked gem that was “Forza Horzion 3” following my falling out with the “Gran Turismo” franchise, I was poised for the next installments reveal come E3 2018, and developer Playground Games delivered. A seamless open world with up to 72 players on the map with dynamic seasons changing how every race, drift event, speed trap, danger sign and freeroam exploration occurred.

Where the previous entries felt like a forever chewable candy, FH4 is a full course meal with alternating selections for sides, entrees and desserts.

New additions like season specific barn finds, Forzathon Live events and story arcs urge me never to leave my in-game residence. Although it’s sad I have to say it, all of this content coming without a loot box in sight has left me in an almost dream like state.

FH4 is a game that encourages you to crash through the fence, drift through the wheat fields and burnout in the sand. It rewards you no matter what you choose to do.


Want to strictly race dirt road events? You can do that. Want to drift from one end of the map to the other in free roam for hours? You can do that. Want to spend countless hours creating paint jobs and liveries for your numerous vehicles? You can do that and be rewarded for your designs downloads by other players!

And everything can be completed online or solo. The transition is truly seamless and I never once felt pressured to leave my solo session. But after a time, I did, because the game goes from great to spectacular when you play with friends and the community.

Besides being rewarded with nearly double the rewards in some instances, racing, drifting, and completing various events and challenges together nets you bonuses in and out of freeroam and makes going online worthwhile, especially when optional events like Forzathon Live swing around.

Nothing has been more amazing to see in a racing game than myself and dozens of my fellow racers working together to complete the Forzathon Live challenges. While speed and drift zones lose their wonder after the first couple passes, the teamwork and subsequent rewards for said teamwork makes the experience that much more engaging.

It’s difficult to convey how much FH4 stands out as a must play for me. I believe it has the power to take a niche genre in racing games and bring it mainstream appeal once again. Its console exclusivity won’t lead it to go knocking down sales records, but I fully expect players in the millions to be gravitating towards the game this month, especially considering it’s inclusion on Xbox Game Pass.

If you’ve got an Xbox One or PC, and have liked or been interested in literally any racing game in the past, trust me, you’re going to be impressed by “Forza Horizon 4”. Even if you don’t believe me, Game pass is $10 a month, you don’t have much to lose by giving the game a chance.