Why I quit my college dream job

Two weeks ago I wanted to lock myself in my dorm room and never leave.

I was physically ill from lack of sleep, stress and a cold that decided to latch onto me at the most inopportune of times. My grades were tanking, with only two out of the five classes above a C grade average. Worst of all, my writing, both for work and freelance was suffering heavily.  

I was missing deadlines and falling behind on the stories I truly wanted to write. Needless to say, something needed to change quickly.

So, last Monday I made the decision to resign from the Police Reporter position at my college’s news publication.

My time writing for UNFSpinnaker.com and its accompanying magazine was the best writing experience I’ve ever had the privilege to engage in. I learned so much as a journalist and reporter. More importantly, I made connections and increased my confidence in interviews and in my writing ability, for that, I am eternally appreciative.

The problem is, this job, the one I had sought since the moment I decided to attend UNF, stopped being about learning and started becoming part of a balancing act. I couldn’t dedicate my all to the stories I was writing anymore because of my school work. I couldn’t dedicate my time to school because I was exhausted. I was exhausted because I was working multiple jobs, enduring a full course load of time dependent classes and trying to do even more on the side.  It was the definition of a vicious and unproductive cycle.

So, I resigned. Where do I go from here?

Technically speaking, nowhere.

I’ll still be hosting my Gaming and Tech talk show ‘Birds of Play!’ at Spinnaker Television. My other job at UNF as an associate at the Student Union Game Room is still going strong, as my hours have tripled in the past two weeks.

As for this website, Gaming and Tech articles will remain the focus. But going forward, thepolyglot.net will feature all of my work: stories about politics, pop culture, reviews, my freelance writing and so much more.

The past two weeks have been sobering to me. I’m fortunate enough to have parents that can assist me with my college expenses. I’m lucky for the work opportunities I’ve been given over the past year. Most importantly, I’m thankful for those who have read my articles and watched my TV show and YouTube videos.

Basically, thanks for indulging me in the past and in the future as I come up with introspective bullshit I hope someone will enjoy reading and watching.  

(Featured photo Courtesy UNF Spinnaker Facebook page)

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