A few weeks ago, I spent three nights combing through videos of Call of Duty Youtubers opening Supply Drops in Modern Warfare Remastered (MWR). These micro-transactions have become a staple for the Call of Duty franchise as of late, as well as the expected backlash every time they are introduced into each game.

Their inclusion inside MWR left a remarkably bad taste in many gamers’ mouths as the game many paid extra just to have access to had its publisher shadily introduce a new content paywall over a month after the game’s launch.

Regardless of your opinion on whether MWR supply drops spice up a nearly decade old game or ruin the charm entirely, the micro-transactions are here to stay and the best consumers can do is educate themselves on whether or not the extra purchase of COD points (MWR’s real money currency) is warranted if you’re going after certain in-game items.

Luckily, after meticulously arranging every drop from Youtubers: NoahJ456, Hollowpoiint and Swiftor, I’ve determined the drop rates for certain items and rarities out of Rare Supply Drops purchased with COD points. The following analysis comes from analyzing 219 supply drops purchased with COD points between the 3 videos.

First, here are your chances of receiving a certain rarity out of a rare supply drop, regardless of what the actual item is:

Epic: 28%

Legendary: 26%

Rare: 26%

Common: 20%

Surprisingly, when compared side by side, Epic items have a higher chance of dropping than any other rarity type. It should be noted that you still only have a 28% chance overall of getting any Epic item in a drop.

Next up, your chances of receiving certain amounts of bonus parts:

20 bonus parts: 22.27%

33 bonus parts: 25.12%

55 bonus parts: 22.27%

92 bonus parts: 19.91%

155 bonus parts: 9%

260 bonus parts: 1.42%

From my interpretation, after a time, opening common supply drops with a higher chance of duplicate items would be more beneficial than constantly opening rare drops that cost three times as many depot credits (the currency slowly earned just by playing the game).

And Finally, here are the chances of getting the two most sought after items in the game:

Weapon Kits: 7.15%

Melee Weapons: 1.67%

So what’s the verdict here?

Essentially, purchasing supply drops is akin to gambling that is unrestricted by age. As long as “Johnny no-thumbs” has access to Mom’s credit card, he can usher in the crushing depression gambling supplies at the ripe old age of nine. But seriously, like gambling, Supply Drops in Modern Warfare Remastered make sure the house always wins. In this case, the house just happens to be the company that owns the right to nearly every franchise I loved growing up.

So thanks for your continued shady business practices Activision. Just don’t introduce being able to pay for more lives in Crash Bandicoot N-sane Trilogy. Just do me that solid.